Monday, August 10, 2009

Starting the Next 40 Years

Hubby and I just returned from our weekend get-away to Colorado, celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. How amazing is that? He has put up with me for this long! He's told our friends that he's starting on the second 40 years and after those 40 years if he's not pleased he'll turn me in for another model. Looks like I'd better be on my best behavior.

We can't figure out how we can be so young and have that many years under our belts. Forty years ago we couldn't even have imagined what life would be like by now. And we certainly wouldn't have thought it could be so vibrant and exciting. The way I see it, the best is yet to come!


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Happy Anniversary! You're truly blessed to have 40 wonderful years together. :)


Anita C. Lee said...

Thanks, Susan. I never for a minute take for granted the blessing that my marriage has been. Now for the next forty years...