Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Be the Best "You" Possible

Have an attitude of gratitude… Create a gratitude journal…Create an attitude journal…Learn to appreciate what you have…You receive more of whatever you think about most, so think happy thoughts…Happiness comes from appreciating what you have…

Is there a correlation between gratitude and happiness?

We’ve been getting lots of advice in the last few years from the success and happiness gurus about how to live happier lives, but not everyone is hearing the message or taking it to heart, obviously. For the sunny sanguine personality who loves everyone and wants to have a good time in life, this advice probably resonates, but if you’re a serious melancholy personality, it may drive you crazy. If you’re a choleric (get the job done and do it now!) type you just want the Pollyanna’s to “Get Real and get on with it.” The phlegmatics are so laid back they don’t much care what others are saying and just want some peace and quiet.

We come to life’s adventure with different outlooks, but we all play the game one way or another. Some people plan meticulously and others are more spontaneous. Either way, we’re responsible for our decisions—even the ones we make by not taking action. (Not making a decision to do something is a decision to not do it!)

Be intentional. Be pro-active. Don’t let someone else write the story of your life. Be authentic—be the real, best you that’s possible.

Happy 2009! Make it a great year.

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Christine Pingel said...

Congratulations Anita on helping others to find their inner strength and open the door to their potential.

May 2009 be incredible for you as you walk beside others on their journey.