Wednesday, August 27, 2008

12,000 Words and Counting

There are several ways to gain focus in life. One of the best ways, in my opinion, is to receive a book contract with a short deadline! Suddenly, all those things you thought you should be doing get re-evaluated. Do I need to go to that networking meeting or write 4000 words today? Does the laundry need to be done. No, I can still stuff a few things into the basket, so it can wait.

With a signed contract in front of me to keep me going, I write and re-write, trying to find the perfect words to encourage women on their journey of life. The Authentic You: Becoming the Woman You Were Created to Be comes as a result of hearing so many women lament that they don't know what they want to be when they grow up. Some feel their choices are limited. Others have so many choices it paralyzes them. Life is all about making choices.

I choose to write, and I hope my words will inspire others to use their God-given abilities to reach out to others around them.

I love what Madeleine L'Engel says in her book, Walking On Water: Reflections on Faith and Art--
"To work on a book is for me very much the same thing as to pray. Both involve discipline...Inspiration far more often comes during the work than before it, because the largest part of the job of the artist is to listen to the work and to go where it tells him to go. Ultimately, when you are writing, you stop thinking and write what you hear."

So, I'm off to listen and write, listen and write, listen and write--and pray.

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