Friday, July 21, 2006

It’s Me (again) Standing in the Need of Prayer

I’m not very good at keeping a daily journal, but at times I’ve kept prayer journals (and probably should all the time). Later, I’ve marveled at the answered prayers and clear hand of God that is evident when I look back over the things I’ve prayed about. Some of these prayers came during difficult times of making life-changing decisions. Other prayers were concerned with small irritants that I voiced to God after they wouldn’t go away. And no, not all of my prayers had the answers I wanted, nor have I seen obvious answers to everything I’ve prayed about. However, I continue to learn and I ask God to teach me to pray effectively.

My life has been so full of “faith steps” followed by abundant blessings, it should be easy for me to trust God whenever there is trouble threatening or when changes are on the horizon. However, like Moses’ followers in the desert, I forget the wonderful things God has done in my life in the past or I fear that this time will be different. This time I will be on my own and God will not guide me to safe haven. Or I think that maybe those other times of blessing—all of them—were flukes, coincidences.

How about you? Do you pray for God’s guidance, then doubt that God has heard? Do you praise God when things happen that are even better than you expected, or do you just feel relief that things have worked out all right, not even realizing that it was an answer to your prayer?

Prayer can take many different forms, depending on our needs and circumstances. Cindy Crosby, in her book, By Willoway Brook, says: “When I die, I want to know I have paid attention. To have read creation’s journal from cover to cover, and not skimmed the pages. Spent my summer days counting dragonflies, following them across the brook, learning their zig-zag pathways by heart. Made contact with something bigger than myself…Isn’t that what prayer is? Paying attention? Making room for what will come?”

If we are to be authentic in our daily lives and in relationship with God, how does that play out? Can we tune our hearts to better hear His voice?

Take some time soon to make contact with your Creator, “making room for what will come.” Ask God to clear away the things that are keeping you from being your most authentic self and to give you the courage to become the woman you were created to be.

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kontan said...

I do not take the time that I should. I haven't been where I need to be but my eyes (and heart) are opening again and it is amazing. God can do wonderful things in our life if we just get out of the way and let him!